Review: Loki

Review: Loki

I know what you’re thinking. And no, this isn’t some bad movie-game tie-in of Thor or The Avengers. So go ahead and get that out of your head right now. It is however deeply rooted in all sorts of Mythology, and not just Norse. So if that isn’t even remotely your cup of tea, you’ll probably want to steer clear of this game.  I just so happen to be a fan of Mythology, so having a game delve deeply into that aspect thrilled me.

Character carousel!

You start off by choosing one of four different Heroes. As the game was called Loki, I went ahead and chose the Norse character (your basic weapon swinging brute). However there are also Aztec, Greek, and Egyptian heroes. The Norse and Greek appear to be warriors, Norse being your male option and Greek being the female one. The Aztec and Egyptian heroes appear to be the magical ones, with once again a male and female option, Aztec being female and Egyptian the male.

Well, he’s no Chris Hemsworth.

As I said, I dove into the Norse character, however I also quickly dabbled in the Aztec one as well. All characters have their own unique story-line and locations. However it would seem at some point down the line, the story-lines converge. I’m making this assumption from the fact that you, in your starting areas, loot items that only the other heroes can use. I’m not sure why else they would be available in your area if the other heroes could never access them.

Not that I don’t appreciate the view dude, but aren’t you cold?

Now while reading reviews, I heard a lot about how difficult the game was. So when creating my character, I went ahead and put it on the easiest difficulty. Either the devs accidentally switched the easiest and hardest difficulties, or someone really needs to be taught the meaning of the word. Or maybe I’m just a complete wuss. But easy was hard. Not just difficult hard, but insane, this is impossible hard. Nearly right away you’re sent on quests that put you head on against a group of 20+ enemies, all with a significantly higher HP then you have. You are going to die. You are going to die a lot.

Fountains of blood aren’t nearly as fun when they’re your own.

The worst part is there really isn’t any area to grind in. There’s one small area with a few wolves in it, but once you kill them, they’re gone. So yes, be prepared for rampant frustrations.  As much as I’m not a fan of grinding, the inability to do so adds an extra, unneeded difficulty factor.

Can you say overkill with a capital BEAR?

Also, In line with my short attention span, I really glazed over the tutorial stuff, which bit me in the ass. I suggest paying it a bit more attention then I did, which will save you some confusion later.

Let’s go ahead and touch individually on some major aspects of the game.

The Inventory System. Okay so… I’m a loot whore. I’ll own up to it right now. And Loki’s inventory system really lets me love my loot. First of all, it isn’t based on weight, but by slots, and each category has it’s own number of slots. There are weapons, armor, and other (potions and such). You can also sort your loot on the fly, just by clicking you can send it to a section just for selling later, getting it out of your main inventory. There is also quite a lot of variety, you will pick up 20 of the same item, but you will also see a lot of awesome items mixed in. Picking up loot could be faster. There is probably a hot-key for this, however I wasn’t really paying attention to that tutorial…

This next part, some people might find cheating a bit. However, once I discovered I could do this, I was most happy. You at any time can teleport back to the village, sell your shit, and teleport right back to where you just were. That’s right, you don’t have to drop loot to make room for better loot. Just sell the whole lot! Gold appears to be pretty worthless in this game, you get a lot of it, and very, very fast.

Skills. I can’t really say much about skills I”m afraid. I’m not sure if this is a general bug or if it’s just me, but the first skill I got for my character, upon using it, turned my entire screen a light blue and it wouldn’t go away. And naturally, during my blindness, I died. So for now, I’ve just been focused on the passive abilities you can choose. However, you choose how quickly you wish to gain skills and what tree you wish to gain skills in, at a statue. As for the how quickly you gain skills, you determine how much of your XP goes towards them. Therefore the more XP you dedicate towards gaining more skills, the slower you will level up. Choose wisely, as I mentioned before, there is no grinding. If for some reason you cannot progress further, you are stuck for good.

The World. I have to say, I think Loki is quite beautiful. The locations vary quite a lot, so you never have to look at any one place for too long. The map however, is balls and practically useless for anything besides pointing yourself in the right direction.

So this game does has it’s flaws. But I find them to be few enough that I still thoroughly enjoyed the game.  It’s certainly not the best Diablo-like RPG out there, I’d say it’s middle of the road. If you enjoy mythology, it makes the story-line much more appealing, and thus perhaps raising it above some of the other fair to middling Diablo clones.

The game managed to hold my attention fairly well. I spent several hours at a time playing. and while dying a lot was frustrating, I didn’t rage quit (much).

I give Loki a 3 out of 5 in it’s respective genre. I enjoyed the game and would recommend it to lovers of the genre who are also mythology fans.